Investment and management


Investment and management

MIRA applies a disciplined approach to sourcing, analysing, acquiring and managing portfolio businesses.

Asset management approach

MIRA’s regionally focussed asset management teams are made up of operational and financial experts with deep knowledge of their sectors, many with senior industry experience.  We use this industry and market expertise to insightfully challenge and support portfolio company management to achieve real operational and financial improvements.

System 7: Active Asset Management  

We do this using MIRA’s proprietary System 7: Active Asset Management framework, which has seven integrated parts to optimise the positive impact of key levers in each business.

Active Asset Management

  1. Understanding and engaging with stakeholders: identifying key stakeholder relationships and create positive two way dialogue for mutually beneficial outcomes.

  2. Setting strategic vision: Challenging management to define an ambitious and sustainable strategy for the portfolio company aligned with stakeholder and shareholder expectations.

  3. Putting the right leadership in place: Actively assessing management to get the best leadership for each portfolio company, and to ensure succession planning is in place. 

  4. Focussing operations: detailed planning to align management goals with shareholder and stakeholder value.

  5. Optimising capital: Optimal capital structures and funding arrangements taking account of individual risks, regulation and capital expenditure needs of each portfolio company.

  6. Managing risk: risk assessment and management is central to MIRA’s approach to asset management, and is applied across the investment lifecycle.

  7. Clear governance: Clearly defining corporate governance structures and practices to ensure management have operational responsibility and accountability.