Creating opportunity in changing energy markets.

MIRA leverages two decades of in-house experience in owning assets that provide services people use every day to identify opportunities and create value across the energy industry. In addition to MIRA’s energy infrastructure experience in conventional and renewable power generation, bulk liquids storage, pipelines and regulated utilities, MIRA also pursues energy opportunities in merchant power generation in the U.K. and in upstream energy.

MIRA applies its analytical approach and technical expertise across the energy spectrum, making MIRA a value-adding partner in the industry.

Upstream Energy Platform

Macquarie Group has been involved in upstream energy for over 15 years, focusing on the exploitation stage of the upstream energy lifecycle.

In 2017, MIRA established Macquarie Energy Partners, Inc. (“MEP”) to seek opportunities in upstream energy and upstream energy-related assets and businesses in the U.S. and Canada, primarily focused on the delineation and development of oil and gas reserves. MIRA seeks to place industry veterans at the heart of its businesses. MIRA’s team of experienced engineers and geologists relies on its technical expertise in evaluating both conventional and unconventional projects.

The MEP team is based in Houston and New York. It is led by Chris Leslie, Global Head of Energy for MIRA, and Paul Beck, Senior Managing Director, a 32-year energy industry veteran with a petroleum engineering background. We believe the team’s resource-focused approach, paired with technical and structuring expertise, provides MIRA with a competitive advantage.

In April 2017, MIRA announced that it formed a strategic joint venture with California Resources Corporation. MIRA has committed to fund $160 million for the development of oil and gas properties in California, with a focus on development opportunities in the San Joaquin Basin.


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UK Energy Generation Portfolio

Since 2012, MIRA has managed a portfolio of power generation assets in England and Wales. The portfolio of three efficient combined cycle gas turbine plants manage and dispatch more than 2GW of power, equivalent to over six per cent of the UK’s base power demand as of 2017.

Baglan Bay Power Station is situated in South Wales comprising of a 489MW gas-fired combined cycle gas turbine and a 32MW GE LM2500 gas-fired combined heat and power plant.

Sutton Bridge Power Station is a 850MW gas-fired combined cycle power station located in Lincolnshire, England.

Severn Power Station is an 832MW gas-fired combined cycle power station located in Uskmouth, South Wales. 


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