Insurance services


Insurance services

The Macquarie Insurance Facility (MIF) is an insurance buying programme, delivering purchasing power benefits to investment portfolio companies.

MIF was established in 2008 to leverage the combined insurance spend of Macquarie owned and managed businesses.  Following significant engagement from these companies, the insurance buying services were expanded to third party private equity and infrastructure funds.

Today we are one of the world’s largest insurance buyers, with a premium spend of approximately $US800 million per annum.  We have worked with more than 600 portfolio companies and achieved significant savings. 

What we do 

We use our buying power to reduce the insurance spend of portfolio companies, improve their coverage and provide leverage in the settlement of claims. 

We have established relationships with partner insurers who offer highly competitive terms to MIF clients. 

Our insurance buying power can deliver significant savings to any type of portfolio business on any line of insurance. Key advantages of the programme:

  • no charge to access MIF
  • no change of broker is required
  • the process is simple and non-invasive.

How we do it

The portfolio company introduces us to their broker and we ensure the broker receives MIF quotes as part of the insurance renewal process. 

We work alongside the broker using our strategic relationships with insurers to benefit the portfolio company. 

The broker’s role is unchanged, we simply provide additional leverage through MIF partner insurers which include AIG, Zurich, ACE and RSA. MIF may receive a commission or other payment from the partner insurers or the broker.


For more information on MIRA’s insurance capabilities, please contact us.