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MIRA Real Estate

MIRA Real Estate is Macquarie Group's integrated global real estate business focusing on listed and unlisted funds and asset management, real estate platform and direct investment and private capital markets transactions services. As at 31 December 2018, MIRA Real Estate had c.A$25 billion1 in assets under management.

Underpinned by its leading private capital markets transaction services capability, MIRA Real Estate provides its unlisted funds, operating platform partners and select third party clients with access to private capital from some of the world's largest and most sophisticated real estate investors. Since 2003 we have raised over A$85 billion in private capital commitments including A$18 billion for operating platform partners.

With an integrated global network of over 230+ people in 20 countries around the world, MIRA Real Estate combines global perspectives with local expertise to create unique investment opportunities for partners and clients around the world.

MIRA Real Estate Funds and
Asset Management

Investing through listed and unlisted funds with some tailored for individual investors, MIRA’s growing real estate portfolios include more than 400 retail, commercial, residential and industrial properties around the globe.

Listed real estate funds

Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund
FIBRA Macquarie México

FIBRA Macquarie México (MEX code FIBRAMQ) is a Mexican real estate investment trust, with a primary focus of investing in income producing industrial, office and retail real estate assets located in Mexico.

Unlisted real estate funds

Macquarie Real Estate Equity Fund Series
Macquarie Real Estate Equity Fund Series

Macquarie Real Estate Equity Fund Series (MREEF) was established in 2002. This is a series of seven unlisted real estate trusts with exposure to diversified property development and trading opportunities in major Australian metropolitan centres.

Macquarie China Retail Company 1 Limited
Macquarie China Retail Company 1 Limited

Established in 2011, Macquarie China Retail Company 1 Limited (MCRC) aims to build a geographically diversified portfolio of China retail property.

GLL Real Estate Partners
GLL Real Estate Partners

German-based manager of real estate assets with c.€7 billion of assets under management and a team of over 130 experienced real estate professionals based in Europe, the Americas and South Korea.


For more information, please contact:

Brett Robson
Global Head of MIRA Real Estate

1. Including Macquarie Capital Real Estate Investment’s (MREI) AUM, with MREI not formally combining with MIRA until February 2019.